SMCR Policy Information

Deciding what to sign up for:
In order to facilitate participants enjoyment, safety, and personal growth, we provide information on staffing ratios, skills required and interests essential for most of our programs. Contact us for more information. If considering a program for the first time, you are strongly encouraged to make arrangements to visit a program one time before registering.

SMCR reserves the right to determine any individual’s program participation.

Drop Off Policy:
Please accompany your member into the program site and make sure there is staff on site.

SMCR Program Cancellation Policy
If a session is cancelled due to inclement weather or instructor/therapist illness, it is considered an “act of nature” and there will be no refunds.

SMCR “Prorating Fees” Policy
There is no prorating of fees for sessions you select to miss or miss due to occasional illness. In the event of prolonged absences, SMCR will consider prorating on a case by case basis.

SMCR Inclement Weather Policy
If Calvert, Charles or St. Mary’s Public Schools are closed for the day or evening there will be no SMCR programs that day or evening. If it is a weekend program about which you need to inquire, please call 301-997-8143.

SMCR provides supervision according to the level appropriate to each program, ONLY during the stated program times. We cannot be responsible for members’ arrival and departure. Please be prompt to arrive and leave.

ALL program participants MUST complete the registration form prior to attending ANY ongoing program. SMCR must have COMPLETE emergency contact information for each participant. Otherwise, participant will not be included in scheduled activity.

Participants consent to being photographed and allow photos to be used for publicity. If you do not wish to be photographed or allow your image to be used, please indicate on participation form when registering for classes or events.

SMCR Late Fee
SMCR will charge a late pick-up fee of $10.00 for every 15 minutes or part thereof that a SMCR member is picked up after the stated end of the program. The fee must be mailed to the office before the member can continue to participate in SMCR programs. Drivers picking up multiple members are responsible for ALL fees for each member.

Information Change
It is the responsibility of the members or their caregivers to promptly inform SMCR of any changes in contact information. Information changes should be made by resubmitting a completed and updated registration form.